A new tool for server operators and developers has arrived: nbxmpp-client lets you check and test various XMPP connection methods (and proxy configurations) while having an eye on the protocol's XML stream. Version 2.0.0 has just been released and comes with a fresh design (Gtk4+libadwaita).

Unified Push Provider using XMPP as a transport mechanism
But a module for Prosody is also in the works.

Still early days, but slowly it is getting somewhere.

We are excited to announce that the NLnet Foundation will be supporting the development of end-to-end encryption in the Mellium library with a grant from the NGI Assure Fund! We will be implementing the OMEMO encryption protocol and related technologies.

Bringing FASTer authentication to Prosody and XMPP
As our work continues on modernizing XMPP authentication, we have some more new milestones to share with you. Until now our work has mostly been focused on internal Prosody improvements, such as the new roles and permissions framework. Now we are starting to extend our work to the actual client-to-server protocol in XMPP. Prosody and Snikket are both regularly used from mobile devices, which have intermittent connectivity. Even if it’s only a change between networks, or when driving through a tunnel for a few minutes, these things can temporarily break your connection - requiring a new one to be established.

Still early days, but this client shows much promise.

Profanity 0.13.1 has been released
Profanity is a console based XMPP client written in C using ncurses and libstrophe, inspired by Irssi On 12.10.2022 the version 0.13.1 has been released.

cross-posted from: > Finally a good Matrix home server 😅

cross-posted from: > Unlike the electron version it uses the system browser and it thus quite lightweight. It also includes a proxy to use via normal 5222 port instead of direct websockets.