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Cooperative Lemmy Instance
Hi all, I've got a few people who have been talking about starting a co-cooperatively run Lemmy instance where the main topic of the instance is co-ops and the co-op economy. Co-ops could create communities for their members to have discussions in, and individuals could join and create general co-operative related groups. If anyone wants to join us, we've been chatting on XMPP over at [](, we'd love to get a few more interested people before we try to launch! Alternatively, does anyone know if such an instance already exists? If we're barking up the wrong tree and should be cooperating with others who are already doing this, we'd love to be pointed in the right direction!

So, just wondering why the symbol for the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), a union, was used for this sublemmy (sorry, don't know what else to call it yet). I mean, I'm supportive of the IWW and am a dues paying wobbly myself. I also support cooperatives and hope to one day be a cofounder and worker/resident at one. However I'm not seeing a direct correlation between the IWW, a majority of whose members are not in a cooperative and cooperatives, a majority of which are not unionized with the IWW, if they are unionized in the first place.

There are Five Types of Cooperatives
``` Consumer: owned by consumers who buy goods or services from their cooperative Producer: owned by producers of commodities or crafts who have joined forces to process and market their products Worker: owned and democratically governed by employees who become co-op members Purchasing: owned by independent businesses or municipalities to improve their purchasing power Hybrid: a combination of co-op types, where people with common interests band together ```

A lemmy community for coops: consumer, housing, worker, platform etc.

Not officially affiliated with the IWW, it’s just a nice logo with historical relevance

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