Does anyone know of a trustworthy web site to buy seeds? I’m looking into planting wasabi
So basically I would like to buy some wasabi seeds, but I don't know of any web sites that dedicates to selling seeds which can be trusted, so any recommendation is good, thanks!

>...if a land owner died without a will, that land would be divided up among the owner’s heirs. Once they passed on, the land would be further divided among their heirs. While property might be in a single family’s control for generations, they don’t have legal title or claim to the land. That means they cannot easily sell the land or consolidate fractured acreages.

This makes me happy! :) There are a few houses in my city that have gone all in on this and it's absolutely beautiful! We've started a big project at my house to do something similar as well. It's very exciting!

It's an interesting discussion here. I also think, for those who think it's unfair that conventional to organic farmers need three years to allow the soil to recover but hydroponic farmers dont need to worry about this...are hydroponic farmers required to study the effect of the water they use in their system? Where they source it, how they dispose of it?

Growing and Foraging 100% of Foods
This is apparently only a trailer (for what I am not sure, he just mentioned a book in the works), but it plus my plethora of tomato seedling plants makes me think of how important community is in growing food. He got neighbors to give him space to produce their yard into a garden for them both, as well as finding food sources and installing them for the community. Would love to do this but when you have debts and responsibilities, it's hard to manage alone.

are you the right person to take on UK hyacinth preservation?
This is a lovely read about something that is likely quite unlike your quotidian struggles. I've read a decent amount about iris cultivation, but I have to admit hyacinths have the edge where scent's concerned.

Gardening Journal?
I keep seeing it pop up when researching and wanted to hear from other gardener's about how they manage their garden information. Pen and notebook? Special designs? Online? Personally, I've never kept anything previously so each year will be a semi-fresh start and daily online searches to find solutions. This year I hope to at least write stuff down; seeds we have, easiest plants to collect seeds from, best/worst companions, harvest time/sprout time, and disease/pest prevention methods.

For anyone new to the garden game, here is a list of companies to buy seeds from. I've ordered most of my seeds from Sustainable Seed Co, but right now they are still recovering from the wildfires in CA, so True Leaf Seed Market I believe is who supplies the seeds.

this person claims to use chickens to uncover potatoes for harvest
Even small damage to potatoes speeds their rot, so there is an implausible aspect--but I suppose if you're only harvesting small quantities for short-term personal consumption it might be okay?

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