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>the U.S. military has the distinction of being the only U.S. government agency to have never passed a comprehensive audit. >The Navy plans to expand its ship production in an effort to maintain an edge over China, with a particular focus on a new attack submarine and destroyer ship. Ah, there it is.

Made a medal for Twitter and Gab wingnuts. Feel free to use this as a shitpost weapon against fascists and reactionaries.
Behold.... Asking German comrades here if I wrote it right. It's supposed to say "For sucking Nick Fuentes' dick" ![]( I made the medal above in response to this one made by NAFO shits ![](

So this is something that gets brought up at school, usually in lectures about corruption. The narrative goes that corruption becomes more likely every time a leader is elected and so long tenured leaders are prone to corruption. So an African billionaire (they don't mention he has British citizenship in my experience) set up a $5M prize to give to African leaders for being good. It has been highlighted that this is a major anti corruption initiative because it encourages leaders to not stay too long in office and thus limit corruption. However to me this smells like a sham. A billionaire rewarding people for a lack of corruption and promoting good governance sounds like corruption. It sounds like interference with government, with the democratic process that libs tirelessly espouse, as well as a healthy side of reputation laundering. There is never much discussion on if this has been found to actually help at all but there is definitely no discussion on if this is actually part of the problem, or if $5M is even enough to insentivise anti corruption, nor is there much nuance when it comes to the whole "long term leaders are corrupt" narrative.

Welcome to Elon Musk's vision for Twitter. Goebbels would be proud of this fella.
Tinfoil Hat Twitter has reached levels of cringe so deep, even the ghost of Heinrich Himmler blushes at how deep in the antisemitism hole these Qrackheads are.... ![](

Has the Kurdish struggle in Syria always been an imperialist side project or was it once revolutionary and co-opted by imperialist for their gain?
Ive read so many conflicting things about modern Rojava/the Kurdish part of Syria and this aspect seems vital. Are these long term imperialist allies? Generally I see it discussed in the context of the modern occupation of Syria, where the YPG is helping the US steal Syria's oil. I really don't know much about it outside of my country's current occupation and my interest was sparked by that True Anon guy who went and fought there. At that point I thought it was just imperialist but when he started talking against the US propaganda against Assad, fake gas attacks, etc it made me think there may be more to it, and perhaps not another Kosovo/Yugoslavia type situation.

Just Poland Things

The restaurant’s Facebook response: ![]( They also have a gift shop where you can buy the Nazi flag and one with Bandera’s face on it! So many NAFO fucks are flossing the replies, plus Ukraine flags in general.

Good quick skit about how Anarchists will always be fighting some form of authority and how it will never pan out the way they want it to.

![]( ![]( ![](

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