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“Sea level has been fairly stable for 6,000 years, which is most of human civilization… but its risen eight 8 inches or twenty 20 centimeters in the last century, and the rate is tripling right now.”

Farmed Norwegian Salmon - World’s Most Toxic Food
Excellent documentary on farmed and wild-caught fish regarding the effects of pollution, contamination, industrialisation, fraud, corruption, etc. Focuses mostly on human health issues, but touches on the relevant environmental and other issues too. TL;DW: Don't consume farmed fish. Don't consume big fish. Eat small fish. Alternative links:

Eyes on the Earth
Realtime and interactive vital signs of the Earth in 3D And we're on track to exceeding it.

Green - An environmentalist community

    This is the place to discuss environmentalism, preservation, direct action and anything related to it!


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