Now also working on izzydroid repo for f-droid. Still early days, but at least it seems to run more stable now 😊

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Bicycles group chat!
Do you like #bicycles or #cycling? Do you also use an #xmpp compatible chat service? Join our new group chat at []( Hopefully this can become a fun community space to share pictures, post routes, and generally chat about bicycles. [Join us!](

Gajim 1.4.0 released
Crossgeposted von: > Massive update!

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A new initiative from the folks at creates a fediverse compatible hosting solution that eventually aims to integrate with XMPP!

Is there any decent XMPP client that supports both OTR and OMEMO?
The OMEMO dev's push to get many clients to drop OTR support has seriously fragmented the XMPP world :( It seems like there *must* be a modern client that supports both OTR and OMEMO, but, I haven't found one.

Thank you. A short introduction about myself
Hello guys!\ Thank you very much for having accepted my request here.\ I am a Lawyer (you can find some information about me here, passionate about XMPP and something else 😀\ I approached XMPP by using Snikket.\ Ah, btw, I am the one who translates in Italian the XMPP newsletter 😀

This release fixes RFC 3920 session building ([#3468](, improves certificate errors handling, and adds an XEP-0454 (OMEMO Media Sharing) plugin. The python cryptography package is required to use the XEP-0454 plugin.

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