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This thread was pasted to Open Collective and I’d love to get your thoughts there, here, or in the chat room. …

The Dev Communiqué for April 2022 has been released! Copied below, for your convenience: …

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What does co-op membership mean in Mellium?

I’d be curious what others think about co-op membership in Mellium. My goal is to run the projects (or at least handling the money) in a cooperative fashion, and that means figuring out who the cooperators are and how they make decisions. Are the cooperators people who have donated? Contributed code…

The budget to implement OMEMO has just reached $100 USD! If you’d like to work on OMEMO encryption in Mellium, you can reach out on our chat. We should decide as a community if we want to allocate this as a bounty, or prov…

Mellium Co-op

    A community space for questions, discussions, links, and announcements about Mellium and related projects.

    Mellium is a collection of libraries and tools relating to XMPP and written in Go. Our goal is to develop cooperative software that extends and contributes back to the XMPP ecosystem.


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