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We are excited to announce that the NLnet Foundation will be supporting the development of end-to-end encryption in the Mellium library with a grant from the NGI Assure Fund! We will be implementing the OMEMO encryption protocol and related technologies.

TL;DR we're looking for a paid contributor from the EU to help with whatever they feel like with whatever flexible hours they feel like working! This is part of a grant application. See the post for more details.

For the last few years we've accepted patches on both GitHub and Sourcehut and used Sourcehut for our CI system. We have tried to move entirely to Sourcehut in the past but it ended up [not meeting our needs](, and we've tried starting our own co-op code hosting, but were not able to find many cooperators who wanted to help (if you'd like to join us and cooperatively host a Gitea instance, [reach out](!). We have been experimenting with mirroring a few of the main repos on Codeberg and using their experimental CI feature, and this has been going much smoother and has been much simpler than the current SourceHut integration. With all this in mind, we've decided that the time is right to move to [Codeberg]( For the time being we will continue to accept pull requests for the main project and a few of the support libraries over on GitHub, and we will keep the main projects CI running on Sourcehut as well as on the new Codeberg CI so that both Codeberg and GitHub based PRs can show the status. However, smaller support libraries that do not receive contributions often will be moved entirely to Codeberg and PRs on GitHub will be automatically closed. Eventually, once we are certain everything is working smoothly, the old GitHub repos will be retired and become mirrors on which we do not accept contributions and all Sourcehut repos will be deleted. There is no timeline for this currently. If you would like to keep track of the timeline once we have one, or submit comments or suggestions you can track the issue Some repos are still being moved, but the main project is now on Codeberg and ready to accept contributions. To track the overall migration, see Thanks for your continued support and contributions!

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Moving to Codeberg
We previously discussed moving to [Codeberg](, and I'm thinking the time is right to make the move from our current GitHub/SourceHut mix entirely to Codeberg. If you have any concerns or comments, now is the time!

Copied here for discussion among non-contributors: As more people begin to rely on this project I have become somewhat concerned that our bus factor of 1 (ie. "me") is too low. It would be good to find more maintainers or leads from among the contributors who can be given access and continue the project if I become incapacitated or stop working on the project for any other reason. However, there really aren't enough contributions (or contributors who have a deep understanding of the full project) to do this right now, so the first step would be to try and find/engage more regular contributors. Suggestions welcome.

This thread was pasted to Open Collective and I'd love to get your thoughts there, here, or in the chat room. --- Hi all, I'd like to get a feeling from our contributors about how funds should be used. I've marked several issues as prerequisite to implementing OMEMO recently, and wondered if it's worth allowing part of the bounty to be paid on these blocking issues to try and encourage development on them, or would it be better to save the whole bounty and pay it out to whomever implements OMEMO itself? For example, #292 has nothing to do with OMEMO itself, but needs to be done before any OMEMO implementation is very useful. I'd love to get your thoughts, especially if you're thinking a bout implementing any part of it or are one of the financial contributors to the bounty. If we do want to allocate some amount, how do we decide how much for each issue?

The Dev Communiqué for April 2022 has been released! Copied below, for your convenience: April continued to be a slow month for Mellium, but never the less we have some exciting updates to report! But first, the stats! - 9 commits to []( from 2 contributors - 1 new contributors! - 3 commits to [Communiqué]( - $64.43 in donations towards sustaining Mellium development from 2 contributors ## The big news this month is the release of [v0.21.2](, of course. After this **the the work was mostly care work and bug fixes to make sure Mellium remains a high-quality XMPP implementation**. A special thanks goes to new contributor Julien Lavocat who fixed a bug in resource binding when using Mellium on the server! Aside from this a small memory leak was found when establishing connections, the compression package was moved to the new []( module, and an [API was added]( to allow accepting only specific [in-band bytestreams]( connections which is needed for protocols that negotiate byte streams out of band such as [Jingle File Transfer]( ## Announcements Finally, we have two fun announcements this month! The first is that donations towards the [OMEOM end-to-end encryption project]( have broken through an arbitrary but fun ceiling and now total over $100 USD! If anyone would like to claim this bounty and has experience with encryption protocols, reach out to us by joining our chat room []( ([]( Secondly, we have launched a new federated space for the XMPP community over at [](! This is a [Lemmy]( instance, a federated forum/link sharing platform in the vein of Reddit. If you're not on it already, be sure to apply for an account and join us over on the [Mellium Co-op Community]( page, or checkout [all the communities]( and see if any of your other favorite projects have joined! Remember, it's federated, so you can even follow conversations from a Mastodon, Hometown, or other fedi-software or from another Lemmy instance! We hope this space will be a benefit to the broader XMPP community. Thanks for reading, we'll see you next month!

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What does co-op membership mean in Mellium?
I'd be curious what others think about co-op membership in Mellium. My goal is to run the projects (or at least handling the money) in a cooperative fashion, and that means figuring out who the cooperators are and how they make decisions. Are the cooperators people who have donated? Contributed code? A certain amount of code? etc. As a community, let's try to decide how decisions should be made so it's not just me imposing my will forever!

The [budget to implement OMEMO]( has just reached $100 USD! If you'd like to work on OMEMO encryption in Mellium, you can reach out on our [chat]( We should decide as a community if we want to allocate this as a bounty, or provide other resources like servers to test with and the like!

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