Recycled food storage
I learned about reusing (carefully cleaned and dried out) juice bottles to use to store dry foods like lentils, rice, flour, sugar, etc. I am excited to do this. I am also using milk jugs but some people would only use PETE plastic. Here are some links. it should keep insects out but rodents can chew through the plastic. if you have a rodent problem you can just store the jugs of food in thicker plastic containers though

Reusing food containers
you can wash out and reuse the little plastic tub containers that things like yogurt and cottage cheese come in and if you like, you can remove the ink labeling with a cloth or paper towel, 100% acetone nail polish remover, and a little bit of elbow grease I'm really excited about getting free containers

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When a bicycle comes with terrible wrenches that would normally just be thrown away because they cut into your hands, what do you do? Save some scrap bar wrap that would otherwise go in the trash and make nice handles for them of course! Now the tool is actually useful and you have a use for your excess tape (not to mention it looks good)!

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