edit: having a community dedicated to letists only can be a bad idea in that it can make sure your beliefs are not questioned. I have thought myself as a socialist and I have thought myself as a anarcho-capitalist, I don’t believe in either anymore. I think if radical views go unchecked they might cause problems. Although I am a capitalist now, being confronted by socialists has made me aware of capitalisms deep flaws. When I considered myself a communist (17 year old me) I thought opposing views really changed my mind. So that’s the ideologically diversity I am talking about.

I love the outlook of lemmy, I think the design is decent and simplistic. But one thing I can’t seem to get over is the fact that almost everyone here seem to think the same politically. Why do you guys think this is?? I know this is a community of leftists foss enthusiasts but I hope everyone here is aware that it is driving many people away from adapting it.

You have a lot of options. Reddit, Twitter, (far-)right Lemmy instances like bakchodi.org and wolfballs.

When I considered myself a communist (17 year old me) I thought opposing views really changed my mind.

When I was a 17 year old I was a complete pro USA centre-rightist that believed in heavily conservative Republican/Taliban views of women and who took pride in eating the new McDonalds burger on the menu. I believed in having a nice Instagram profile (which I never worked on) and believed Reddit was the frontpage encyclopedia of internet. I believed in a load of horseshit things like capitalism is a great thing for the world. Turns out, I am no longer 17, and we all change. Now I am a privacy advocate who also advocates critical thinking, attempts to bust lies wherever possible, and am far-left leaning, because I see the duopoly of liberal centrism and rightwing in a capitalist framework as the true cause of society’s exploitation and downfall.

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