edit: having a community dedicated to letists only can be a bad idea in that it can make sure your beliefs are not questioned. I have thought myself as a socialist and I have thought myself as a anarcho-capitalist, I don’t believe in either anymore. I think if radical views go unchecked they might cause problems. Although I am a capitalist now, being confronted by socialists has made me aware of capitalisms deep flaws. When I considered myself a communist (17 year old me) I thought opposing views really changed my mind. So that’s the ideologically diversity I am talking about.

I love the outlook of lemmy, I think the design is decent and simplistic. But one thing I can’t seem to get over is the fact that almost everyone here seem to think the same politically. Why do you guys think this is?? I know this is a community of leftists foss enthusiasts but I hope everyone here is aware that it is driving many people away from adapting it.

I don’t want more right wingers to join because I don’t think they have much useful things to say (I think this as a former right winger) but I do think there is diversity beyond the left and right spectrum that would help lemmy some.

There’s not a lot of women here. There’s not much stuff related to hobbies outside of tech. Politics is heavily driven by the ML context of the broader lemmy community. I’d love to see some discussions of social democratic policy stuff, not because I think it’s better but because there’s only so many times you can listen to people rehash Das kapital in the comments. What about some MMT stuff? What about liquid democracy or people experimenting with holocracy etc?

j prole

Politics is heavily driven by the ML context of the broader lemmy community Well that would make sense, a lot of the crackdowns on reddit have been happening on ML subs since the broader online left tends to be hostile towards us.

I think there’s more women on the lemmygrad instance, at least in my experience.

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