Mozilla and Meta (owner of Facebook) are surprisingly teaming up for a proposal on privacy-respecting ad analytics.

Many people are upset about this, but it is in my opinion an excellent thing. Mozilla and Facebook are working together to improve one aspect of Facebook’s privacy

It’s not like Mozilla is shilling and getting paid off, as some people seem to think.

This is how privacy is really improved, by working with the companies and governments that have power in the space, not by sitting in your cave using only librewolf and tor, and refusing to use anything you don’t build from source and self host.

That only helps you at best, and the privacy abusers (google, facebook) will just ignore you.


How is that supposed to work? Firefox’s own products in itself are not that reassuring for user privacy. It was better when Moxie collaborated with them to improve whatsapp code. At least that guy’s products were respected for privacy at that time.

Even if they don’t live up to your standards, you can agree they are way ahead of the competition.

Are you talking about Chrome?

Does Chrome allow editable user.js and userchrome.css? Does Chrome not leak IPs via WebRTC? Is Chrome used as base for Tor Browser?

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