Blockchain technology is going to change everything: the shipping industry, the financial system, government … in fact, what won’t it change? But enthusiasm for it mainly stems from a lack of knowledge and understanding. The blockchain is a solution in search of a problem.

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There are several oversimplifications to watch out, but still interesting.

What dies “better” mean? If everything is stored on a single server owned by this one company in Mountain View or so, is it better then?


the problem with that argument is that you’re implying that blockchain maintainers are infallible which we know is also not true

it’s the issue of reinventing the wheel. Do we have a solution that is more energy efficient and affordable for the average user to participate in? yes.

Nothing and no one is ever infallible. What I say is that the web as we know it is broken in that it has become a walled garden controllled by a few companies. And, yes, a lot of web3 doesn’t appear to change that, it’s just old wine in new bottles. We needed to discuss alternatives to different use case (payment and currency systems, how we monetize apps and other products, data hosting and sharing,. …). Energy efficiency and affordability are important issues, but I want to have choice and don’t want to become dependent on 5 or so companies in whatever I do. If that means that I have to pay, I’d be fine with that.


you are literally on a federated platform that does not use blockchain. this seems like the resolution to that issue

Yes, that’s one solution for a specific use case (-:

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