Elon Musk Believes Twitter Algorithm Should Be Open-Source - It's FOSS News
Elon Musk wants Twitter to open-source their algorithm. Will this promote free speech? Here's what he has to say.

I’ve been a long-time Elon skeptic. But if he does this, I’m open to being an Elon fan.


Android is not really FOSS though. Google took the Linux kernel and a few other things to give themselves a headstart, and then built a closed source userspace on top of it.

It is, but as I said before, it contains a lot of googleAPIs to control it’s use, they are also all FOSS. This is the irony in FOSS of these companies undermining the original philosophy of OpenSource


I think as for philosophy, Open Source really doesn’t have one - it is just show the code. People like throwing around the term “FOSS” but Free Software and Open Source Software are two entirely different movements.

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