I use both.

It might be overkill, but i hate the thought of being profiled and assaulted with ads. It’s disgusting what the Internet has become.

Fun fact, my mobile provider introduced a live ads program so every time I go the mall I get SMS messages with promotions from some of the closest shops.

This shitty behaviour cannot be stopped neither by Tor and VPN…

I don’t understand, what kind of ad do you get that needs VPN+Tor?

I don’t remember to have seen any ad on the past months… unless I disable the ad-blocker. And smartphones also have Firefox app which includes ad-blocker add-on to install.

Wow that’s digusting. Can’t you opt out?

Yes, I have to send them a request by email, and they have 30 working days to respond. But this doesn’t mean I won’t be tracked wherever I go, I just won’t receive SMS messages anymore.

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