In case you don’t already know, Firefox with a separate Tor connection is easier to fingerprint than an unmodified Tor Browser (unless you’ve configured Firefox to camouflage as TB)

I know about fingerprints, it is hard and breaks a lot of websites. I even got banned for suspicious activity, so it’s more headache to add this protection to your daily browsing.

What I want to tell is that you should have a main browser private and secure as possible and if someone wants to use VPN, in most of the cases Tor networks already works.

It breaks websites? Are you talking about the experimental fingerprinting protection in Firefox? By “fingerprinting”, I meant the general tracking of unique properties of your browser (settings, add-ons, user agents, etc.), not the Firefox-specific anti-fingerprinting.

I agree that Tor is better in many situations.

I am talking about faking the user-agent, screen display detection and language (I think those basically if you even allow JavaScript). For me isn’t neither a problem most of the time.

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