How dangerous is it to be a communist in the US? Should I be very hush hush about it? I won’t ever be open about it but I’m just wondering how secretive I should be. Most of my close friends and certain family members know that I am a “Socialist”. I am pretty young and still need to start my life and I don’t want to ruin my chances of anything.

Some precautions I’ve taken are installing a vpn and only going doing commie stuff with vpn on. I’ve separated personal and political social media accounts and never post political stuff on my personal ones. Should I be doing any other things?

Thank you in advance

Even Lenin and Stalin had to do running and hiding.

Most communists and socialists have converted themselves. The idiot capitalists think college professors convert young kids. But I was a science major and science minor and no-one in college ever mentioned politics. But I happened to read Tyndale’s translation of the New Testament, fell for Jesus, and into Christian Socialism. From there it was just a step to communism. This is driving the evil capitalists mad!

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Solidarity with my Christian comrades 💗

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