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I came across an interesting idea, which is the post title.


If true, this might say something about why i know way more women with leftish values then men.

Ex, romantic movies. 500 days of summer: protagonist isn’t special in any way.


Avengers movies: literally the protagonists couldn’t be more god’s chosen hero.

my hero academia and a lot of animes and green lantern: you can do anything if you have enough will power, regardless of the system around you. (Pull yourself up by your uwu boot straps)


already the fact that something is categorised for men or women it means that said thing is targeted to empower and uphold (in this specific case) binarism and, you know, usual patriarchy and whatnot.

in fact, rom coms in general and 500 days in particular are very problematic. 500 days can only have leftish values if seen through a liberal lens.

if we have to find a source and an answer for the question asked in the title, is that women, even when white, cis, straight and able, are already one box away from the dominant category. hence, they’re victims of more oppressions than the average man and have to work harder than the average man if they want to join the dominant party.

and this can be easily seen also in anarchists and leftist circles where men tend to be the main abusers and perpetrators of patriarcal and capitalist values and the main reason/cause for groups to dismantle/break apart.

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