Dude, just shut the fuck up. Seriously. Stalin was a great leader for his time, and I celebrate him more than most communists, but he’s not someone we need to copy/paste into every other situation. He made excellent contributions to the movement and saved us all from the nazis, but his analysis was still rooted in the early to mid 20th century. And he lived in a completely different historical and material context. The historical and material context of the United States is nothing to be patriotic about.

Patriotic Socialism that doesn’t put land back front and center is literal reactionary garbage. If the core tenet of your plan isn’t to facilitate land back to the indigenous and black populations, you are literally my enemy. Additionally, the symbols of the Imperialist trash that is the nation of the United States are absolutely unacceptable and must be thrown out. Like the confederate flag, they represent a force of intense reaction and oppression.

non-diegetic screams

Patriotic Socialism that doesn’t put land back front and center is literal reactionary garbage.

The Instagram post I pulled this from has an earlier slide about how “no communist should support the balkanization” of the U$. If an oppressed people becomes free, but can’t use that freedom to disassociate from the people that oppressed them, how are they free?

I don’t really understand land back, tbh, but that seems fundamental.

I haven’t finished reading this, but this is one source on land back that I’ve seen recommended by good comrades. https://pa-cp.org/land-back-and-revolutionary-socialism/

non-diegetic screams

Awesome, thank you!

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