For males, but females free free time chime in too.

As a male, jeans are too rough for me. Sweat pants - havent tried in public, would be a bit concerned about getting a random boners since weak material.

So far, since it’s summer now, it has definitely helped with not being as sweaty. Low key, if i was mentally tougher i’d wear a skirt.

You’re looking for chinos.


what do chinos feel like?

Depends entirely on what they’re made out of. I’ve seen linen chinos, cotton chinos, twill chinos, corduroy chinos, etc.

Any suggestions for what material I should start with?

If you’re going commando, you probably don’t want the linen since that will silhouette your dick quite frequently. I’d recommend a lightweight cotton fabric. Stay away from the heavy stuff like twill and corduroy unless you’re buying them for the winter.


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