Mojeek is fine, but it use the image search from Bing, wich is pretty bad, it don’t have a own image search engine. I add also a very good privacy focused search engine, if you have young childs which use your PC: Swisscows, a Swiss search engine and 100% family save, no options to change this. anonym, no tracking or logging. To show the most images of the search results, use Groot, for reverse image search the best and most complete with distance is Yandex (if you want to use it). it shows not only more relevant coincidences as any other, also shows in a sidebar, similar and related images, all also optional in a slide show. I use it in a OpenSource Image search extension.


Swisscows is nice, results from Bing too though.

By default Mojeek gets results from pixabay.

Good find on that reverse image search extension, I will test it out next time I boot my work computer. My main computer uses a browser that has no extensions.

Yes, Pixabay is a good image (sounds, music, video) store (free, CC and public licensed content), but not so good for reverse image search, which can be anything.

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