I’ve been thinking about trying to pull together a union at my workplace for a while, but too many coworkers trying to get into fights or rat each other out to management, so screw Unioning that. If nothing else I don’t have the emotional stability to try to unionize my workplace.

While I was brooding at home after work (ruining the rest of my day) I realize that this whole thing is a really optimal scenario for the boss. In fact if I was a boss, I’d specifically try to hire aggressive-ish employees.

What do socialist countries do about this? It’s not like they lock up all their aggressive coworkers the way America tries to. In America we lock up a lot of people but then they’re still lots of aggressive people.

It’s more correct to say that they go along with them, whether enthusiastically or apprehensively, because it’s actually their optimal survival strategy.

Another good note on bourgeois proletariat acceptance of Western propaganda.

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