Yesterday a Bolsonaro suporter invaded the birthday party of a member of the Workers Party (PT) in Brazil and killed him.

Brazil has a strict firearm control, but you are allowed to have a gun. You must be registered to get a permission and even then, it is forbiden to carry your gun outside of your house. Bolsonaro has said he wanted to allow citizens to carry guns all the time.

His supporter (Jorge) that killed the PT member works as prison guard and therefore, unlike citizens that are not cops, he can carry guns all the time.

This guy was driving somewhere when he passed near the party. Marcelo - the member of the workers party - was outside and the man pointed a gun at the people screaming fascist slogans associiated with Bolsonaro and said he would come back to kill everyone there. (At the moment he had his wife and kid in the car)

No one believed he would come back, but Marcelo, who worked as a municipal guard, decided to keep his gun just in case. When Jorge returned, Marcelo told him to freeze but Jorge shot him in his knee and he felt. When the fascist approched to execute him, he was able to shoot back 5 times before the second bullet killed him.

It’s unclear if the fascist survived, hopefully he didn’t. When I have more info I will edit it here.

If Marcelo didnt shot back at the guy I wouldn’t be reporting a murder but a massacre. USA style. This is not the first time someone was killed by fascists in Brasil and I doubt it will be the last one.

Bolsonaro has shown many signs that he won’t accept defeat in the elections and that he is ready for a coup. Most people that still supports this guys are completely lost in their ideology and are willing to do anything to “preserve their way of life”. In 2018 fascism was growing in Brasil, but today, even though Bolsonaro lost support, fascists are more radicalized than before and willing to do even more derranged shit, like the one reported above. Things will probably get worse as the election comes closer and the Brazilian left will need to create strategies to defend themselves and avoid a coup.

If you don’t know anything about Brasil I made a Gigapost about it a while ago and I’m writing part 2. I want to finish it as soon as possible but I have a lot of things to do right now and it will have to wait, since it’s about imperialism and therefore it might interest you guys more than the first part so I wanna do it right.

Further reading: 1 - Fascist terror in Brazil

2 - Army threats

3 - Military plan for Brazil up to 2035

Sources: 1 - Telesur english

2 - G1 a.k.a Globo (shit source, and it’s in portuguese but here it is anyway)

Camarada Forte

Grato, camarada. Tamo precisando de mais brasileiros pra contribuir lá, acho que aqui não tem muitos. Não faço ideia de onde podemos recrutá-los

Nem eu. A maioria que conheço não mexe muito com essas coisas, mas vou tentar espalhar mesmo assim

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