No. Just bluntly no.

I did try using Dvorak. I got pretty good at it. After about four months I could finally type as quickly and effectively on Dvorak as I could on QWERTY.

On. One. Computer.

I sit down at a friend’s computer or a family member’s? Newp. I use a phone or a tablet? Newp. I use a work computer (where I’m not permitted to install my own software)? Newp.

So that’s four months of reduced capacity to type, plus having to keep QWERTY in my muscle memory anyway (with the attendant confusion and error rate that causes!) all for … not really getting much more speed than I was able to do with QWERTY in the first place.


I don’t know what work computer you use, but Dvorak is built in to Windows, and I’ve never had an administrator block me from changing keyboard layouts.

When I tried it you had to install special software to use Dvorak. And that doesn’t help at all when you’re on a console device, etc.

The world is more than just the latest version of Windows.

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