I think it’s a silly obfuscation to divert any blame from capitalism by just proclaiming that the world currently isn’t under capitalist hegemony, but I wanted to see what others thought and if anyone knew anything that Marx or anyone wrote about the matter.

Someone said to me “Directors are not the same as shareholders. Directors, CEOs and fund managers are, well, managers. Managers are NOT capitalists. They do not invest their own capital in order to make money and gain influence, they just climb the ladder. They don’t have the same goals as owners and capitalists. They don’t value the same things and they don’t play the political game to get the same results. This is why the politics have also changed. They don’t value the same institutions and want to do politics in different ways. They don’t value political parties, individual rights, etc., they value rules, bureaus that enforce the rules that are non-partisan and continue to operate regardless of who’s in power. Managerialism is too deep of a rabbit hole to be contained in a reddit comment thread, I would point you towards James Burnham who described it in great detail and quite accurately predicted what the modern world would look like when he wrote 80 years ago.”

Never heard anyone that deep into cognitive dissonance so far

I think they just hate their low level boss but want to like Elon.

Good tsar syndrome.

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