Avoiding my Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone at Uni. I uses a thin notebook for each lecture and wrote my notes with a pen (more focus on class)

I have an e-ink tablet (Boox Max 3) that I use for note taking with a stylus. The advantage is that I can organize all of my “notebooks” in one device while being less distracting than a laptop. Because it is nice and large, I can read PDF’s and manga on it very comfortably. It is an Android device, so I can also run apps like Google Docs, which I use for recipes. It’s possible to use it with a keyboard, but I’ve never had great success with that setup.

Making friends with fellow students to help explaining topics to each other and share notes

So much this. I wouldn’t have gotten through school - especially my toughest topics - without friends to discuss the material with.

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