Is anyone else getting increasingly annoyed at the fact that half the posts to Genzedong, British Communism, etc are screenshots of anticommunists spouting nonsense? I get that the person posting is communist and they’re calling out those screenshots as BS, so it’s not technically anticommunist propaganda in itself but a showcase of anticommunist propaganda, but it’s still annoying when I’m trying to see communist content in a community marked as “communist content only” and get hit with literal Nazis justifying fascism, especially when there are dedicated communities for all kinds of anticommunist nonsense: ShitLiberalsSay, ShitFascistsSay, ShitAnarchistsSay, etc.

Camarada Forte


There we go, the names decided. Look at us, sorting shit out like a bunch of mad lads.

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This is a Dengist community in favor of Bashar al-Assad with no information that can lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton, our fellow liberal and queen. This community is not ironic. We are Marxists-Leninists.

If you haven’t already found it, this GitHub page is an excellent collection of sources about socialism, imperialism, and other relevant topics, made by @dessalines and others.

We have a Matrix homeserver and a private Matrix room. See this thread for more information.


  • No ableism, racism, misogyny, transphobia, etc.
  • No being pro-Amerikkka
  • No being an electoralist or a lib (of course)
  • Moderator discretion
  • This community is explicitly pro-AES
  • No dogmatism/idealism (ultra-leftism, Trotskyism, “Gonzaloism”, anarchism, etc.)
  • Reactionary or ultra-leftist cringe posts belong in /c/shitreactionariessay or /c/shitultrassay respectively
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