What it Means When I Say America is the World’s First Poor Rich Country

That has several obvious flaws, I think. If everybody is growing their own food (an extremely time-intensive occupation), nobody’s working on, oh, I don’t know, mathematics. Or physics. Or philosophy. Or art. Or … well, you get the drift.

Bucolic fantasy is very seductive to people who aren’t forced to live it out. The ideal of civilization is to reduce such requirements to zero; to free humans from subsistence living. Which can be done without capitalist distortions and destruction and degradation, but takes watchfulness.

Let those who want to farm, farm. Let those who want to do something else (non-destructive, naturally) do that instead. Society should be focused on that, not on making billionaires, nor making everybody a subsistence farmer.

Lemmy sucks

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Oh, you won’t get any argument here. HOAs are unmitigated evils.

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