Do you use a specific software for zettlekasten? I’ve never heard of this method before, and as someone in the last year of PhD, I should really get a grip…


Haha that is when I first started trying to get a grip too >_< I use a neovim plugin I wrote, but really any wiki software works. Vanilla vim works too. It doesn’t take much to implement a zettelkasten, really. The key is having a setup that fits your needs and workflow. Do you have a preferred editor and/or OS? I may be able to recommend some things to check out.

For my academic work, I tend to use either Mac OS or Windows (not by choice unfortunately). Text editor would be Atom. I’m seeing some musings online that it’s possible to use Obsidian…


I don’t know much about Obsidian, but I know it is a popular choice. On my wife’s Mac I tested out a markdown editor called Zettlr which is designed for managing a zettelkasten. It seems like a good option. A lot of the tools people seem to be using for zettelkasten use markdown, so you could potentially migrate among them with minimal adjustment.

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