Which one is better? Now that's a burning question. Also, don't start tearing apart smoke alarms and playing with the americium. It's mostly harmless when outside your body but if it gets in there can be trouble. Links 'n' stuff: The 60 minutes programme; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LT6pFzyAov8 Technology Connections on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TechConnectify The TC Subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/technologyconnections This channel is supported through viewer contributions on Patreon. Thanks to the generous support of people like you, Technology Connections has remained independent and possible. If you'd like to join the amazing people who've pledged their support, check out the link below. Thank you for your consideration! https://www.patreon.com/technologyconnections Oh, and look at these wonderful patrons! Hargrimm , jay, Syber-Space, Todd Johnson, Nuki Chau, Chris & Anne Nash, Jordi Pakey-Rodriguez, Jim Moores, Ryan Wallmow, Roger Melo, AuroranFilms, RegalRegex, Michael Lehenbauer, James Manes, Mihaly Barasz, Potatoots, Mark Johansson, Lee Dedmon, Berwin Xie, Grey Hodge, Jim Kropa, Tony B, David Collins, Alex Carbone, Ben Golus, Tim Doering, Jonathan Grayum, Kodi , Colin Chan, Mark Komarinski, Jeff Groves, Ryan McLaughlin, J.P. Stewart, NADAV GERBER, Zac Schmitt, Bryce Swearingen, Nathan Fenner, Rittycat , Huub Heijnen, Joseph Dion, Jim Sells, Dustin Gilyard, KoolJBlack, nils m, Damione Moore, Jeremy Weeks, Carolyn Gerakines, Cameron Ross, samukaisan, Kyle Boreing, Ben Waxler, Jason Fortezzo, Andreas Neidlinger, Jason Stonehouse, Andy Warren, Rowan Parker, Steven Dubnoff, Keaton Mowery, Brett and Eric, Alexander Koch, Alipasha Sadri, Jimmy2Guys , Dash Buck, Christopher Schreiber, R. Anthony Lorensen, glw, Adam Zaner, Bob , Emil , Dad , Holden Higgins, Zach Orum, HJ, michael waddle, Tayler Heaney, Ryan, Nate Tangsurat, Jim Cavoli, Scott Waldron, Lars Naurath, Mike SoRelle, BabyET, Nick Blair, Richard Stephens, Ken Kasal, Bryce Chidester, Philip Buonadonna, BoneDepot, Barbara Ganschow, Amanda , Andy , Inkydink , Colin Mutter, Ray Everett, Connor Taffe, Nope, Todd Hawk, Rich Delgado, Brian Hamilton, Caius Worthen, Justin Byers, Falldog , Scott 'Funnyjk', David Guerrero, John Feldman, Ted Ledbetter, Tobias Putz, Caytlin Vilbrandt, Alex Rich, Geo (Overand), Nikhill Rao, Robert Fletcher, William PS, Douglas Geusz, Alexane Desbiens, Nick Kourpias, stateless.eth, Benhart, Sammy Newton, Lew Zealand, Shaitageth, Mason DeBord, Jarocks, Benjamin Richards, Chris Brosz, Stewart , Kyle Burton, Jonas, Woofy, Russell Grant, Dan Simon, cparks1000000 , Kyle, false, David Glover-Aoki, iPaq, Peter Murray, probnot, Mike West

inside you there are two smoke detectors

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