My son is reading Xi’s book in his politics classes. All children in his age group (at least in the province of Hubei, the only place I have direct knowledge of) are doing the same. Because it is mandatory, as was Hu Jintao’s stuff as was Jiang Zemin’s stuff as was …

This is a loooooooooooooooooong established tradition in the PRC, beginning with Chairman Mao. I’m kind of shocked that there’s anybody denying this tradition.

To be clear, I mean no offense here, but I have no clue who you are nor any reason to trust your anecdotal experience. You might full well be telling me the truth, but it hardly qualifies as evidence sufficient for the claims being made.

Giving you the benefit of the doubt, though, you must understand that we are so heavily propagandized here in the West, that literally nothing we hear about the anti-imperialist parts of the world is trustworthy. Unless it’s good. We can be pretty confident that anything they say about China that’s good is true, but any responsible analysis of the Western media requires a close eye.

As the thread elsewhere stated, we still don’t even have a problem with the works being mandatory, but the fact is that the sources provided simply do not remotely prove the claims. Especially the “dictatorial power” nonsense that’s just patently untrue. That’s not how the CPC works. It wasn’t how the CCCP worked in the USSR either, and the West always claimed the USSR worked with “dictatorial power.”

Admittedly, Stalin had additional powers during WW2, but in order to defeat the Nazis, that seemed like a necessary and justifiable step. FDR also had additional powers during WW2, and he trampled all over the rights of innocent Japanese people living in the US, for example, putting them in concentration camps by another name, internment camps.

Personally, I’d love to have a book from the owners of JPMorgan Chase and such that explained what they’re trying to do with the current rendition of capitalism. I bet it would be hilariously contradictory. At least in socialism people can set reliable plans in motion that persist and don’t wander every 4 years from one calamity into another.

I am “boots on the ground”. I am neither Chinese state media, nor am I western media. I am a resident of China, however. Believe me or not: it turns out reality doesn’t generally give a fuck in whether you believe in it or not.

Xi’s book is mandatory. Full stop. You can go off pretending it is or isn’t and it won’t change the reality of it. So you be you, Boo. You be you. Reality will continue being, you know, real.

Ok, you’re still just one anecdotal source and therefore it proves nothing.

Even if it did, none of this proves the original OP’s claims that it is Xi’s dictatorial powers that caused it.

It also wouldn’t prove it’s true throughout the entire country.

But feel free to keep jacking yourself off over having some anecdotal claims and expecting anyone to take it as if it’s reliable information to extrapolate throughout the country.

You be you, Boo. You be you. So edgy! So independent a thinker! I’m so impressed!

Are you like 12 years old? You definitely act like it.

Xi’s book is mandatory.

How do you feel about this?

I genuinely don’t give a shit.

Jiang’s incoherent “三个代表” drivel was mandatory. Chinese students from senior middle school all the way through university had to memorize it and regurgitate it in their politics classes. It’s had zero impact on the way people think.

Hu’s “科学发展观” and “社会主义荣辱观” were also mandatory and his eight honours and eight shames positively festooned school (and other) walls around the country. Again, nobody was meaningfully influenced by this.

The same will happen with Xi’s “习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想”. It will go the same way: something that’s recited to pass exams before the single most durable Chinese political philosophy (predating anything from the CPC and likely to be alive another thousand years hence) holds sway in real-world matters: “天高皇帝远”.

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