Powaqqatsi - Scene 1
Quick clip of the intro as discussed in the book "Narrative and Media" by Fulton, Huisman, Murphet, and Dunn.

I think of this whenever people talk about Elon Musk and lithium… we live in a world where fascism won and slavery still exists.

Camarada Forte

That trilogy is a masterpiece. Beautiful cinematography and soundtrack.

Also, today it’s hardly any different. If anything, it’s worse because now these activities are being done in the Amazon forest, leaving trails and trails of destroyed forests and mercury in the soil which affects the health of indigenous peoples living in proximity.


Some of my favorite movies of all time. Absolutely beautiful.

Yeah this is just the backstage part of western “social chauvinism”/capitalism. The out of sight out of mind part. Also deforestation and circuitous logistics are major reasons why we have pandemics so frequently.

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