EarthSky | Heatwave in India: Will it break in time for Eid?
An unprecedented heatwave has brought dangerous temperatures over 113 degrees F (45 degrees C) to in India and Pakistan. Will the heat break for Eid?

Ive been trying to find stories of personal experiences in relation to this heatwave but its harder than it seems. Like just to learn how different people are handling it there.

Helix 🧬

A colleague from India showed me a video of someone frying an egg on the seat of his scooter. They also told me their A/C in the car broke and they had to shower twice.

I guess many old people die from this. Have you looked at youtube for personal experiences? Many expats and even some people born in India vlog.


Drink lots and lots of water. Don’t go outside at day times as the heat is unbearable. Stay inside and turn on your air cooler instead. That’s how personally I’m dealing with it but I know people who is going with their daily lives despite the rise in temperature. And fasting also became much harder.

Everyone in vadodara will whine to you about how bad it is there. Every year my skin starts burning and i get sick in that city during summertime.

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