1.)Intros to Marxism and Basic Origins
2.) Historical and Dialectical Materialism
3.) Scientific Socialism
4.) Philosophy of Marxism
5.) Marxian Economics

1.) Introductions to Marxism and its basic origins
A. Principles of Communism by F Engels
B. 3 sources and component parts of Marxism by VI Lenin
C. Why Socialism? by A Einstein
D. On Authority by F Engels
E. The Communist Manifesto by K Marx & F Engels

2.) Historical and Dialectical Materialism
A. Anarchism or Socialism? by JV Stalin
B. The German Ideology by K Marx
C. On The Origin of the Family, Private Property and The State by F Engels
D. Dialectical and Historical Materialism by JV Stalin

3.) Scientific Socialism
A. Socialism: Utopian and Scientific by F Engels
B. Critique of the Gotha Programme by K Marx
C. What is To Be Done? by VI Lenin
D. Reform or Revolution by R Luxembourg
E. The State and Revolution by VI Lenin
F. Imperialism and the split in socialism by VI Lenin
G. Left Wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder by VI Lenin
H. Combat Liberalism by M Zedong
I. Foundations of Leninism by JV Stalin
J. Marxism and the National Question by JV Stalin

4.) Philosophy of Marxism
A. On Practice by M Zedong
B. On Contradiction by M Zedong
C. On correcting mistaken ideas within the party by M Zedong
D. Oppose Book Worship by M Zedong
E. Serve The People by M Zedong
F. Quotations from the Chairman by M Zedong
G. 12 Recommendations by HC Minh
H. Theses on Feuerbach by K Marx

5.) Marxian Economics
A. Value, Profit and Price by K Marx
B. Wage Labor and Value by K Marx
C. Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism by VI Lenin
D. Das Kapital by K Marx``` 

I will add more in the future, I just want to gather more texts so I can put it in an order that makes sense. For example, I would still like to add in The Green Book, Bloodlies and Khrushchev Lied by Furr, Sakai’s Settlers, Blackshirts and Reds somewhere and if absolutely necessary I can add in more Marx and Engels and Lenin, but I feel that I have a good amount of them already. If you have any suggestions or any essential texts that could pertain to Black Liberation, Intersectionality or historical overviews, lmk, I’m tweaking this list to make the most sense to both a beginner and an experienced Marxist, i.e, Don’t make the rookie mistake of skipping DialMat, but also don’t bore people with DialMat before you explain the basics. Any suggestions lmk, thanks

No worries, I just wasn’t sure if you knew.

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