We most certainly aren’t union (though I do wish we were, and I do very openly talk pro-worker/anti-capitalist). I would sign a card the second one were to be presented. I have actually been perma-banned from multiple un-official subreddits that are about the company for saying the “forbidden” word. If we were to try and do it, we would need to have multiple locations also be down. As the main fear is about how they “will shut our store down fast as fuck”.

I started with the pins and face-masks during all of the protests in 2020. Just initially figured I’d just keep wearing stuff until someone finally stopped me. But aside from corp banning hats for some reason that literally isn’t related to me (I am for real about that too). I only ever got told I couldn’t wear my mask that said “Antifa” and another that was left unity (mostly because it had an AK).

It would probably surprise you how I haven’t had any customers/clients go out of their way to attack me or even send shit to my bosses (especially given I live in the middle of NC). I even had a guy that I have helped here and there over the past 4 or 5 years and is/was very right-wing be concerned if any of my co-workers have come at me for my openness. He has over time become more apolitical because I have shown him how to better use the internet. Still a very strange guy, but he truly respected how I firmly stand for real-ass working people and that I went waaay above and beyond to work with him when we first met. He was even a big fan of my “Mao hat”, and said it looked good on me. lol. I had one older black couple be super jazzed to see it too. The husband was a Vietnam vet (which I was thinking would go badly when I saw his vet hat), and he just kept going on about how great it looked. His wife also said that it made me give off very proud vibes (kind of like how some folks talk about liking a man in uniform).

We also have a wall in the back of my area that we at some point started putting up stickers we had found laying around. I have covered most of it in leftist shit (including some fuck cops type shit just without profanity). After three different direct bosses and a GM, no one even tries to stop me at this point. Though I am sure if a much higher up person were to see me and the wall, it would be a firm ban on my nonsense. Until then, I openly try to answer good-faith questions other folks have. Which seems to really soften their stance on socialism and see how little they actually know about it (outside of the constant shit being said in our media and from politicians).

xpost https://lemmy.ca/c/bestofthefediverse

very interesting! Media hypes up the doom scenarios but doesn’t cover people like you. You’ve prob done more leftism than all of lemmy.ml combined! Great work!

Where do i buy leftist swag? How do i find it? Preferably don’t say amazon or ebay :p supporting ebay/amazing for this kind of thing is, you know, lol

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