Malthus was wrong, right?

It seems eerily close to being ecofascist

Yes. The global plutocracy wants us to think the world can support an infinite number of people. It can’t. The capitalists want more people for a cheap labor pool, a market, more people to fight the wars they think will be profitable, more people to pay taxes instead of them. Why do you think the rich are supporting forced birth. Why do you think we’re running out of everything? Why is the biosphere being destroyed? Why are so many animals going extinct? Too many people. I’m not saying the wealthy aren’t making it worse. They are. But still, too many people.

Now I can’t change your minds. So death will take the world.

Lmao what? We can sustain 10 billion with our current indsutrial capcity.


Industrialized food practices are not sustainable… how can we?

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