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"all you anarchists do is organize book clubs and get into fights with chuds, how are you a proper Leftist movement" was a question I got asked by a pro-state leftist earlier today. so let's talk about the visibility (and invisibility) of anarchist work.

About the value of invisible “work” done by anarchists behind the scenes


Especifismo and to some extend Syndicalism are the Anarchist traditions that recognized to “PR problem”.

What is pr? Las 2 corrientes de las que hablas resultan ser las mayoritarias, así que el anarquismo está bastante bien cubierto en ese aspecto.

Creo que lo que se define en el post más arriba aplica solamente cuando el movimiento está en un estado decaído o marginal pasado unos años salta de esa fase y disputa cosas más estructurales que el mero asistencialismo social. Algo que lo cubre perfectamente la religión o las ong


“Public Relations”.

I don’t think Syndicalism is the majority anymore and hasn’t been for many years. And Especifimo is basically unheared off outside Latin America.

Cuáles serían las corrientes mayoritarias? El especifismo ya está presente en Europa y en América hace varios años, también en asia central y sudáfrica. Así como Oceanía.

Aunque numéricamente menor al anarcosindicalismo o el sindicalismo revolucionario

I think it goes farther than that. All the anarchists that I know that have a strategy for change and they pursue it never define themselves as anarchists unless forced to. The ones too attached to the identity and symbols tend to be more ineffective and irrelevant. We call them “the targets” because they play the very useful role of making people believe anarchism is about reading and writing about irrelevant stuff and smashing some windows occasionally just to spend 20 years in prison for it.

WiνΛlem OrtΛνíz

I really have to document myself about Especifismo. It’s on my todo list ;)

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