Seems like it would be fine to get “caught” leaving these things, no? I don’t know, I wouldn’t be afraid in the US, for example, to get “caught” leaving things like that.

I guess they could charge you with littering or something, but seems unlikely. More likely an asshole might kick you out of the store or w/e.

Depends on where you live, and you should probably consider the future. I believe that anticommunism will become increasingly prominent in Amerika and Europe as the second Cold War progresses

I’d agree with that. Both hardcore fascists and communists are going to be growing fast in number in the West for the next decade or so. Personally I plan to continue to be fairly public in my political beliefs, but I can see why others don’t have the same privileges that I do in this respect.

Yeah, if you’re already publicly identifying as a communist, it probably won’t make a difference if you’re “caught” distributing pamphlets

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