Holey Plugs, Batman! But... what are they for?
The answer may surprise you. Links 'n stuff I've made a playlist of my various electrical shenanigans. You can get to it here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLv0jwu7G_DFU62mIGZNag5vQ0a6tDGBpO Technology Connections on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TechConnectify The TC Subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/technologyconnections This channel is supported through viewer contributions on Patreon. Thanks to the generous support of people like you, Technology Connections has remained independent and possible. If you'd like to join the amazing people who've pledged their support, check out the link below. Thank you for your consideration! https://www.patreon.com/technologyconnections Oh, and look at these wonderful patrons! Cody Bittle, Patrick, Andrew Hoddinott, Benjamin Rister, Shay Sandik, Patrick Kennedy, Jesse S, Oswyn Brent, A tall shade of the color red, Colin Gagich, Mike McCaffrey, Mike Olpin, Michael Steinmetz, Andrew Krew, Devedander, Bryan Countryman, David McGrath, Richie Gaiser, Benjamin Albert, Truls Zhong Konstali, Cuervo , Mauve Co, Martin, Eric Graves, Philip Cheek, Alexander Schlickenmaier, Jesse Weaver, Thomas Kula, Ed McCloskey, Harold Godwinson, Jordan DeLong, Keith Hemenway, Aaron Greenberg, Matt Brown, mooncow , Oliver White, Andrew Eslick, Brent Medling, Joel V, John Harris, Mike and Zack, DCBuffalo, Emilio Mendoza, Patricia , Cody, Colin Coyle, Cuddlefisch , nate grover, Martin Smith, Darryl !, bagel mode, DankPods, Ian McDougall, Derek Watson, Marten van Wezel, TJ Zimmerman, Dan Barrett, Kristofer Luck, SingleMaltSloth, Tennavan, Corey W. Anderson, Aaron Teague, Nathaniel Caza, Andrew Chappell, Sammie Mammel, Serge Wroclawski, Matthew Hackbarth, Joel Neatrour, John Zelinka, Jimmy Albin, Jordan Thoms, Bob Leonard, Erik Victory, Andre Alforque, Kevin , Roger Hosey, Paul HW, Anthanasius, Steven gindler, Matt Keaveney, Keegan Carter, TJ , Zengwish, Bennett Colesberry, Ivan Avdeev, Ron Thomas, John Haager, Melody Olvera, Joshua Nahum, Chris Galloway, Sobol, cyberstorm, SHAUN, Keith Chang, Brad Feehan, Mitch Brunner, Eric Rakestraw, Brett Caven, h2g2guy , Charlie Davidson, Noah W., Matthew Abbitt, Thomas & Robert Rhode, Steve McClellan, Nitin Dahyabhai, Dennis Morhardt, Scott Albertine, Jelle De Loecker, Michal Miškerník, Ry Biesemeyer, NobTinker , Devin Edwards, Randy Messinger, Seth Persigehl, Piro606, Nathan Friedly, Robert Hausner, Matthew David Chapin, Bill King, Roadrunner 531, Gareth Brown, Butter Penguin, Maarten De Rocker, John Whitaker, João Pedro Francese, Joseph Russell, Mike Richards, ZGryphon , Eric Walter, Andreas Trottmann, Lee Sweet, Justin Zakrzeski, Artem Leshchev, Jared Julien, Max Maguire, Gunnsteinn Þórisson, RandallA, John Heavisides, Rob Newman

/shrug If you’re just doing youtube for the sake of doing youtube, you can do whatever you want. Any audience that comes to you will be your audience and you’ll probably not make much money but maybe you’ll make a bit of it.

But if you want youtube to replace your dayjob, then yeah kinda?

And like, most content creators talk about being horribly burnt out and overworked. They quit their nine-to-fives to have YouTube as their main gig, and it starts out as a labour of love, until the bills start coming and the channel starts being more and more of a business, and then they start working insane hours and become slaves to the analytics graphs and (…)

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