Okay, to be clear, I’m not actually saying you should do drugs. I just found this picture funny and kind of insightful. I intended the title not to be a command, but as an 'if this then that" observation.


ok adolf

go outside for once, go to a low socieo-economic part of town (that means leaving your mum & dad’s suburban mcmansion) meet an addict… and see if you’d want to be in an organisation with them. these lumpenproletarians are victims 100%. but they are not in the right conditions to be part of the vanguard at the moment.

Paternalistic and frankly uncomradely. Pretty disgusting stance to on the one hand claim that drugs are used to victimize people but on the other say that those victims aren’t comrades, you would not organize with them, and you see them as degenerates. Not to mention the completely oblivious way you discredit literally all drugs as created by the CIA (really? peyote? ayehuasca? cannabis? psilocybin?).

Do you organize with people who smoke? With people who drink? Are you ready to quit an organization because the members brought coffee to a meeting? Do you dig through people’s purses to make sure they don’t have any prescriptions?

This broad-brush painting of “drugs” as a single evil thing, and not just a classification of certain substances made illegal specifically to disenfranchise (predominantly Black and poor) voters that has no basis in science. What a disturbingly uncritical view.

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