I’ve stayed in this safe harbor for too long, and it’s about time I deal with liberals firsthand.

please don’t get too sad if I come back to lemmygrad in a box.

never even looked at lemmy tbh. is it better than reddit?

Yes, much better. You still have to deal with some liberals and ultraleftists, but it’s nowhere near as bad as on R*ddit. You can see posts from other instances (more or less just lemmy.ml AFAICT) by selecting “All”

Did you saw yesteday threads about Ukraine? The trolling is just wild (it’s few of the same people all the time though).

The one about Zaporozhye?

Yes, and the one about Finland too. I swear there are like three trolls that are taking ban shifts - once one is banned, the next come and spam incredibly delusional bullshit, and so on and on.

And there seemed to be the same pair of them going at it

I didn’t see those specific ones, but at least the admins are communists and/or communist-friendly. I do stay away from political communities on other instances for the most part, just for my own sanity (although it might be a decent idea to do some agitprop on lemmy.ml since you won’t be banned for it, unlike on R*ddit)

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