I really like RSS feeds, especially with tools like newsboat and there are RSS feeds for everything, like Reddit posts or even Youtube channels.

Is it possible to get RSS feeds for Lemmy groups or even posts, too?

This would boost the workflow immensely.

I’d be surprised if the devs were against it. Probably just that no one has done it yet.


I just figured out that the inbox has an RSS sign, too. So you could subscribe to full threads if you are the threat owner and see comments on your comments if you posted somewhere else.

It’s not exactly what I was looking for, but it helps a lot.

P.S.: I think the link must be updated every time you create a new post or comment on something, because I can’t imagine it will get the newest threads and comments you created. At least it wouldn’t be good, because otherwise everyone could exactly see what you have in your inbox.

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