Once relegated to the mere corners of some fringe political currents in Russia that nobody took seriously, we have had the misfortune of being subjected to Dugin in the English-speaking web thanks to the tireless efforts of the patsoc crowd, specifically the Infrared folks, who made it their mission to put communism and the revolution on hold to promote the word of Dugin.

With that in mind, and because I see some people uncritically accepting Dugin as this great figure to look up to (they never actually call him a Marxist) in the name of contrarianism, I figured I was gonna have to actually read Dugin. When the Internet was created and touted as a way to bring people closer together, I’m not sure this is what they had in mind.

Regardless, I have downloaded a PDF of Dugin’s foundational book, The Fourth Political Theory, and I can now look forward to a very good time for the foreseeable future.

Oh no what’s this

Oh shit shit shit

Oh fuck you at this point you’re just trolling

i mean it’s fundamentally anti-communist, sooo. at the same time as i understand it there’s a lot of stuff about eurasian integration and he’s recently said ok things about china. at the best dugin should be approached like russia in general: a semi-south temporary ally against american imperialism.

destabilizing russia by attempting to assassinate someone who people have at least heard about (i.e. even if he actually wasn’t that important) was probably a bad thing given this context. after all, it was either NATO itself or through the ukranian SBU (or internal russian forces, potentially) that were responsible for the assassination attempt. it’s nothing like shinzo abe, whose assassination was totally home-grown and who represented something much worse

given this caveat, people like patsocs who stan dugin’s writing are seriously cringe and probably fascists or “national socialists.” mao’s CPC made a temporary alliance with the KMT to defeat japanese imperialism, but while retaining as much physical, organizational and ideological autonomy from them as possible. i feel this is a very important lesson to learn, and clearly shows how reactionary culty patsocs are.

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