They called socialist countries under Marxism–Leninism “communist states” lmao.

I’ll be honest, my experience with Wikipedia is limited to minor spelling, grammar, and sentence structure changes. I only ever got more interested in Wikipedia, and trusting it a bit more, when I read into its governance structure and found it to be fairly democratic, supporting a consensus style of democracy for both edits and admin/bureaucrat positions.

I was under the impression that bots were either banned or maybe only used by sitewide admins for protection against graffiti and the like? I might be misremembering though.


From my own experience, bots will actually help lock vandalization in through this process:

  1. Article contains no obvious factual inaccuracies
  2. Someone adds sneaky vandalization/lies deep in the article
  3. Same person adds obvious vandalization, very soon after #2
  4. Bot/human editor sees #3 and reverts it to #2, not to #1
  5. Human editor adds something of value while not noticing the sneaky lies that are still there
  6. Any attempts to revert vandalization at this point will be auto-reverted to #5.

Vandalization has now been locked in, and only very observing individuals that go through the edit history will notice.

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