Western narratives have given me terrible brainworms. Even if a Chinese GPU is proven to be better than AMD/Nvidia, and at a better price, I’d still have paranoia about there being some kind of hardware level spyware installed.

no, person. reverse engineering is generally good enough they can’t get away with that. but it is known that they put backdoors in our major chip families. see if I can find the articles…

Honestly I care a lot more about US spyware than Chinese spyware, if it’s even real. American spooks are anti-communist and just a border hop away from me.

True enough. I know there’s some bad blood between Communists and Anarchists, but I can’t imagine a Communist party in a country across the globe is going to really care about that for a normal citizen. Can’t really say the same thing about America considering that documentation that came out half a year ago or so that considered Anarchists to be domestic terrorists.

You gotta analyze this stuff. It’s not spyware, it’s a backdoor. What are the uses of a backdoor: information gathering, denial of service, weaponization, information manipulation.

Why would China want to backdoor imperial citizens? Information gathering: on individuals? To what end? Most likely to gauge mass sentiment, not target individuals, except POIs who are all powerful anti-communists. DoS: on individuals, no. On a large scale? Absolutely great mode of attack. Weaponization: same InfoManipulation: maybe to fight propaganda with propaganda. Would be quite difficult.

Why would the imperials want to backdoor imperial citizens. Information gathering: anti-communist violence, extraordinary rendition, personal targetting for harassment DoS: same as above Weaponization: same as China but pro-capital InfoManipulation: same as China but pro-capital

I would rather have a Chinese backdoor in my machine than an American backdoor in my machine.

The only real difference between the 2 scenarios is that imperialists have consequences if they engage in direct identity theft of imperial citizens but Chinese citizens do not have those same consequences, so it’s possible that a government program of backdooring chips bound for the imperial core could result in identity theft by people with access to the Chinese backdoor. But you have to weigh that risk against the risk of an imperial military intelligence backdoor.

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