I love free software, but my wallet keeps my with a cheap Google phone…so, I watch what I do here, but don’t worry about “software freedom”…there is a Lemur app in Google Play, and when I sign on, it just spins and spins and…you get it.

So, I jumped through the hoops to allow F Droid on my phone…and here I am all signed in! 😊

oh, okay. i think i understand the situation now. the version on the play store is a bit older because something broke with the release pipeline :/ i will fix it but im a bit busy atm so we’ll see when ill be able to do it

but the bottom line is: sorry about it not working, we’ll be working on it, for now just use the F-Droid version


I prefer to use Droid anyhow…even though I’m still using a vanilla Google phone. Sigh

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