The Anglo Empire is a league of it’s own.
No need to compare it to the short-lived nazi Germany.

Hitler bows to her, she doesn’t to him.

Exactly, way too many people see Nazi Germany as the epitome of evil when other Western powers committed atrocities on the same level as them or worse, over the course of centuries, and not only did they get away with their atrocities, most of them succeeded in their evil.


This is the problem I have with so many westerner’s obsession with the term fascism, and that “oh no we’re becoming fascist!!”.

Fascism (a specific historical form of capitalist-imperialism in the 1920s-40s) is only allowed to be demonized because it was one of the few historical forms of colonialism directed against white europeans. British, european, and now US colonizers were doing the exact same thing, and killing far more people for hundreds of years in the global south, yet you don’t hear ppl scared of their countries potentially “becoming british colonialists.”

Fascism proved to be unstable, and it collapsed into the far more stable parliamentarism / bourgeois democratic form of government, with its colonialism and then neo-colonialism that dominates the world today.

Its an implicit chauvinism that their countries are somehow better because the only genocides they carried out were against indigenous africans, americans, and asians.

I always tell people fascism is the name they gave colonization when it affected white people. By separating the two, Western people can deal with the trauma it caused without addressing their own guilt in doing the same to others.

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