Queen Elizabeth II has just died at the age of 96 and according to UK state media, the nation is in mourning. But are these emotions real, forced, or a mix o...

Now this is what I call well aimed-criticism of UK-propaganda.

The constant choice of careful negative wording,
the suggestive questioning,
the darkening filters,
the background semi-ominous music (as opposed to US propaganda who blast theirs full force),
the never-ending pounding of negative storytelling on each and every aspect of a nation,
the dubbing of every person interviewed,
lending time to interviewing defectors traitors during someone’s coronation,
lending time to criticize a government they don’t control during a nation’s moment of grief,
suggesting everybody hates the government and the royal family to the point of destruction,
it’s own population are hounded by them, nations it has territorial disputes with consider them the biggest foe and all ethnic groups that fused with them yearn for independence and consider themselves occupied, no exceptions.

The only thing they didn’t do was to say that the Irish president prefers to call Ireland Eire, praise Nicola Sturgeon’s upbringing, compare her to the queen as someone better and call Scotland Alba.
Not to mention, have an “international” community condemn the policies of England to Irish, Cumrian and Alban people.

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