Want to use your Android phone without a carrier? It is possible. Here's how to make and receive calls using Cheogram, JMP, and XMPP.

Its all open source, you can self-host it. But I agree, it is more useful for US or Canada based users given the limited selection of country codes.

Its all open source, you can self-host it.

I know that there are components required to provide this service that are open source and/or self-hostable (eg - XMPP server and XMPP client). However, in the (very) little digging I’ve done, I don’t see how you could self-host the ability to receive a phone number (and to a lesser extent, call/text using that phone number).

Are you able to self-host the components necessary to obtain and use a phone number? If so, is the cost (omitting any hardware acquisition or hardware operations cost) any different than paying for this service or are there any other non-hardware based limitations (eg - can only activate a certain quantity of phone numbers, can only place a certain number of calls, etc.)?


Yes it uses Astericks internally an you can hook that up to any voip service or even your own land-line or GSM modem. But to be honest the setup is quite involved and only for advanced sysadmins.

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