Ursula von der Leyen has stated that sanctions on Russia will remain in place until its economy is ‘torn apart’ - adding Europe’s solidarity with Kiev is unshakable at a time to show determination.


Russia really needs to understand I think Europe won’t fold easily.

They already do, that’s why they keep it at SMO.
You need to understand that they have time on their side.
Russia’s current goal isn’t to get Zelensky on his knees, but to get the US on it’s knees.

And how do you think Europe is building out it’s green energy?
Those windmills and solar panels don’t pop out of the ground
and with Europe and the US de-industrializing, who do you think is building them?

And how do you think Europe is building out it’s green energy?

Also, if they somehow manage to do it, it will still be a positive thing. Because it will make them less prone to bootlicking USA, not to mention climate will feel it too.

Unfortunately, it seems as for now, the only thing that will happen will be austerity and probable crash even bigger than Great Crisis.

And how do you think Europe is building out it’s green energy?

I think a lot of it will be extreme efficiency mandates, cut-backs, rationing, etc. Which will admittedly cause issues but I think no populists will gain power to change that, the minority of people who take to the streets will be put down with violence and they’ll largely take it and blame Russia as desired.

As to China benefiting I don’t think this is a problem in their eyes to their plan. They don’t care about China making solar or batteries, they still want and will continue to enact their high technology blockade on China against chips, networking equipment, phones, smart infrastructure, etc as they’ve decided that a partial blockade is preferable to decoupling.

Right now as I see it they have several things going:

  1. High tech blockade and embargo on China to try and prevent development as well as to choke off their ability to sell their stuff to anyone via ridiculous “spyware, hacking” claims. The US doesn’t care about China continuing to have them on manufacturing Walmart goods because they don’t want that kind of stuff back, they just want to command the latest tech and leave China a decade behind. They also understand that China cannot just cut the US off in this area without hurting its own economy and people, both sides are bound to each other.

  2. Attempts to compromise Russia to bring it into the anti-China alliance. Via fragmenting them with ethnic tensions, this Ukraine deal and probably behind the scenes attempts to get compromised oligarchs, military and intelligence people to kill Putin and take power and act as a modern Yeltsin by doing the west’s bidding in exchange for a cut of the loot.

  3. Putting Europe on a tighter leash. By cutting off the ability to use cheap Russian gas, addicting them to expensive American gas and heightening the threat of military conflict to draw them in closer to NATO. As well as deindustrializing them such that industry either moves to China or the US, they want the high tech, white collar, bleeding edge engineering stuff in their country both to profit and control it and to deny it to China.

3.5. New gladio. In case the above should fail and just as a general failsafe for capitalism in crisis they are engineering a new gladio. Flooding Europe with lost heavy weaponry that may have never even reached Ukraine, creating and dispersing fascist militants in Ukraine, and normalizing fascism and getting liberals to support it.

I still think Russia has done fairly well so far with all this and the rewards will be worth the effort. I just think there has been some stumbling here and I worry where it could lead. I hate to see fascists triumphing because it emboldens them everywhere and makes them even bigger heroes to liberals.


What I meant by that question is that China builds EU’s solar panels and wind mills.
How is the EU going to get it’s solar panels and wind mills with an embargo on China?

Fair and I think they’ll have to not deploy such an embargo. As mentioned I don’t see it as being crucial to the US strategy of containing China and keeping them down. Solar panels are manufacturing after all and while complex aren’t exactly cutting edge and tied to bleeding edge tech, they’ve been around in some form or another for half a century.

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