maybe there should be a rule against using ableist terms? what do you think

edit: nvm it’s already there, just checked the sidebar.

I don’t think telling people to stop saying “sociopath” will change their perceptions of people like me who experience low empathy and struggle with antisocial behavior. Even I call myself that. People should instead think more critically of what values they attach to “mental illness” and the “failure” of acting like a “sane” person.

I didn’t mean that only changing how people speak is enough, sorry for not making that clear in my other comment.

People should instead think more critically of what values they attach to “mental illness” and the “failure” of acting like a “sane” person.

I totally agree. Also to the op post, equating facism with mental illness is just extremely damaging to how mental illness is seen by the general public and does nothing to harm facists.

I agree here, and obviously a change in language doesn’t equal a change in attitude (trust me, I know), and in a lot of cases it can’t even really be considered a very minor victory. That’s often how people just end up with brand new slurs.

We should, though, still be trying to stop the usage of slurs. That comes with removing the slurs so people know it won’t be tolerated, but I think it needs to go beyond that. We also need to be explaining the reasoning why that usage isn’t conducive to the discussion at hand (something I elucidated below).

Most importantly though, when there are so very many things to take umbrage at in these arguments, being upset that you got your comment removed (not your comment specifically, your in the general sense) when it was a very clear violation of the rules doesn’t really make sense.

Get angry that people are able to perpetuate harmful rhetoric as long as they skirt certain language and remain within the bounds of “politeness” sure, but don’t be surprised that a comment gets taken down when you call people names when that’s explicitly banned and the moderators have shown they will act on that rule.

We need a reaction button that says “Fine, I’ll think about this”

The ultimate marxist react

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